TOSOMI algorithm version history

Henk Eskes and Ronald van der A, KNMI

The current version of the Sciamachy DOAS total ozone retrieval software "TOSOMI" is version 2.0.
It is almost identical to the GOME software "TOGOMI" version 2.0. TOSOMI and TOGOMI are based on the OMI DOAS ozone column retrieval "OMDOAO3"

version notes, tosomi v2.0 (March 2011)

version notes, tosomi v0.43 (September 2008)

version notes, tosomi v0.42 (March 2007)

version notes, tosomi v0.4 (April 2006)

Cross sections: GOME Flight Model 98 cross sections are replaced by effective cross sections based on Bass-Paur high resolution data
Bass, A.M., and Paur, R.J., Proc. Quadrennial Ozone Symp., Chalkidiki, Greece, Eds. C. Zefros and A. Ghazi. 1986

version notes, tosomi v0.33 (August 2005)

version notes, tosomi v0.32 (March 2004)

First validated data available on TEMIS

version notes, tosomi v0.31

A spherical geometrical air-mass factor is introduced to reduce solar-zenith angle dependent interpolation errors in determining the air-mass factor. The input air-mass factor tables are updated and contain AMF(Empyrical,DAK)/AMF(Geometric,spherical) instead of AMF(Empyrical,DAK)/AMF(Geometric,plane parallel)

version notes, tosomi v0.3

Version 0.3 contains new lookup tables based on semi-spherical DAK (Johan de Haan).
These tables replace the old ones:
The old plane-parallel lookup tables are still available as